Artist: Jean Phillips, Poole, UK

The area I am using for the first time is a method of doing free machining with a special foot to incorporate ribbons in the construction of the tree. My son studied Horticulture and later when he had his children the names were related to trees. One is Willow and the other Bodhi. My inspiration was based on my grandson’s name. The Bodhi tree at the Mahabodhi Temple is called the Sri MahaBodhi. According to Buddhism, after his Enlightenment, the Buddha spent a whole week in front of the tree, gazing at it with gratitude and a shrine was built by it later. The spot was used as a shrine even in the lifetime of the Buddha. Later King Asoka’s queen was jealous of the tree and caused it to be killed. The tree however grew again. My quilt is of the dying tree but the energy of the sun is portrayed behind it helping it to grow again. The top and bottom border uses seminole and other strips pieced. The background is free machined with my new Sweet sixteen and the tree added with the ribbon foot from Husqvarna


© 2014  Jean Phillips

The Bodhi Tree, 2014 by Jean Phillips  The Bodhi Tree, 2014 by Jean Phillips
The Bodhi Tree, 2014 by Jean Phillips