Artist: Syd Harper, Saint Amant, LA

I am an old grannie, but feel like a young thing. My ideas tend to spring to mind unbidden. I have always been interested in Illuminated Letters and have interpreted them in other pieces of art that I have done years ago. Several were one of a kind Artist Books which I did not have the foresight to photograph and so just have them in my memory. The call for this group came early in August and therefore, busy with grand babies, twisted ankles etc didn't really start until about 10 days before shipping. I knew that I wanted to use the illuminated page idea and so I scanned in V pages of the Oxford-American dictionary and printed it out using an Epson WF-7010 on an old bedsheet. The appliqués are all fused and than sewn. This is the first quilted piece that I have done in many years and it brought me great satisfaction to actually be doing something for beauty rather than utility.

© 2014  Syd Harper

V is for Victory, 2014 by Syd Harper  V is for Victory, 2014 by Syd Harper
V is for Victory, 2014 by Syd Harper