Artist: Peggi Yacovissi, Wellsboro, PA

Appliqué, hand and machine stitching were used to create the peace of a dove for this illuminated letter P. Working with silk fabric was the goal I identified for this challenge. Handling dupioni silk isn’t easy until you stabilize it, I learned then it behaves very well and brings wonderful luster and color.

I chose the letter P for my own name and wanted to use a dove as the symbol of peace. In an earlier work I stitched a dove and always liked the way it looked. Its graceful lines are soothing and satisfying.

The process of creating this piece was less direct than my initial thoughts. I had to order the dupioni on-line because no one in my part of rural Pennsylvania had any. I found the gray print silk in my scrap bag, a blouse I had discarded a few years ago. The print seemed akin to the forms and figures of illuminated lettering, so I chose colors to go with it. As I started the layout, I took a weekend to attend the Mid-Appalachian Quilters Seminar where I learned to use Derwent Inktense Pencils to color and shade fabric. A new dove design came out of that experience. Some sparkly Candlelight bobbin work frames the sections and beads add the finishing touches. In all, every step of this work was a challenge and I enjoyed the satisfaction of solving each problem and creating a work that is better than what I had initially imagined.

© 2014  Peggi Yacovissi

Peace, 2014 by Peggi Yacovissi  Peace, 2014 by Peggi Yacovissi
Peace, 2014 by Peggi Yacovissi