Artist: Liz House, Theodosia, MO

As a response to health problems, I have learned about Vipassana meditation and the art of mindfulness. These practices have not only improved my health, but have changed the way I live my life. This was my inspiration for this challenge. I had always wanted to learn to use Lutradur™, so I decided to incorporate it into this piece. It is painted with a color wash of acrylic paints, stenciled, stamped and printed with an ink jet printer. Also, since I usually piece my backgrounds, this time I used a woven background to symbolize the way the concepts of meditation and mindfulness have become woven into my life. The concept in construction was to start with a base made from one piece of ombre fabric, which was cut into strips of varying widths and woven. Then, I made a number of mini-quilts on which I mounted the Lutradur™. These small pieces were embellished with hand embroidery and attached to the base.

© 2014 Theodosia, MO

M is for Zen, 2014 by Liz House  M is for Zen, 2014 by Liz House
M is for Zen, 2014 by Liz House