Artist: Janette Hamilton, Campbelltown, UK

We have lived close to the sea for more than forty years and I love all things marine, also my name prior to marriage was Fisher so my letter and inspiration were easy. The sea and the marine environment is constantly changing and gives us pleasure, some pain, and food so with that in mind I made my quilt to represent the pleasure we get from teaching others how to fish, catching fish and then eating the fruites of our labour all the while enjoying a constantly changing vista.. I looked at many mediaeval books and then decided to make a page for a book with both my letter F and a saying as most of the books a looked at had text. I had a size to work within and wanted my letter to stand out, so I measured to make the F the largest item on the page". I appliquéd my F onto the main piece of cotton.

© 2014 Janette Hamilton

Fisherman's Friend, 2014 Janette Hamilton  Fisherman's Friend, 2014 Janette Hamilton
Fisherman's Friend, 2014 Janette Hamilton