Artist: Amy C Nelson, Round Rock, TX

I had the opportunity to visit Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, this past year. I visited the Book of Kells and other works of art in the Trinity College collection. I’ve been fascinated by calligraphy and have dabbled in it. I wanted to explore my chosen letter in an oversized form of the decorated Celtic Capital.

The technique I wanted to explore was monoprinting and painting on fabric. The background of the piece is monoprinted, stamped and stenciled with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. I created the letters separately and quilted them independently of the background to give them added emphasis when applied to the background of my piece.

© 2014 Amy C Nelson

In the Begining, A Primer, 2014 Amy C Nelson  In the Beginning, A Primer, 2014 Amy C Nelson
In the Beginning, A Primer 2014 Amy C Nelson