Materials: Commercial batiks, buttons, beads, embellishments, raw-edged trips of batiks have been quilted and woven together to form the center of the quilt, with a quilted border holding them together. The strips are not backed with any other fabric so that the viewer can see through the spaces in between them. The raw edges and spaces in between the strips, and the knots on the back of the quilt represent the times in my life when things have been difficult, the colors in the fabrics and the embellishments show the beauty found in my life. The overall composition shows the beauty that God has brought to my life. The words written on the strips are ones that I or my friends have used to describe me.

Artist: Moira McSpadden, Fort Wayne, IN

© 2013 Moira McSpadden

Who Am I? 2013 Moira McSpadden  Who Am I? 2013 Moira McSpadden
Who Am I?  2013 Moira McSpadden