“Doorway Into the Garden". The second sculptural quilt inspired by SAT, where I’ve stretched the definition of a quilt, by constructing this archway and garden in three dimensions. With the exception of the armature for the archway, it’s entirely constructed of fabric. This scene is reminiscent of many old world museum gardens I’ve visited. What were once the seats of power are now the foundation for many relaxing afternoons and weekends for the descendants of those who would only have been granted access as part of the servant class.

Doorway Into the Garden is a 3-dimensional quilt made of wool felt, commercial and hand-dyed cottons, perle cotton floss, trim, beads, sequins, cotton batting and Peltex™ interfacing. The archway has been constructed on a foam-core armature.

Artist: Amy C Nelson

© 2012 Amy C Nelson